Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“THERE IS ALWAYS POISON ON THE LIPS OF ART” -Death Anniversary of Legend Naeem Hashmi(27 April)

Legend Naeem Hashmi was a famous versatile actor, writer, poet, producer, and director in Pakistan. He was famous for his variety roles the late 1940s and 1950s, but he later took character roles in over 100 films. His naats, or praises said for the Islamic prophet Muhammad also earned him much fame. Many of his films, such as the banned Inqalab-e-Kashmir, touched upon social and national issues.

Naeem Hashmi was not only an actor but also a very much respected poet and writer. He was poet of the all time best and famous film Naat "Shah-e-Madina, Yasrib ke wali...". (Some sources claim that this Naat was written by Tanvir Naqvi). Naeem Hashmi was introduced in Indian film "Chandni Chowk" in 1946 which was produed in Calcutta.

Naeem Hashmi produced the first ever short feature film "Inqala-e-Kashmir" in 1948 in Pakistan, but this film was banned after only one show in Ritz cinema Lahore. A patriotic song from this film "Salam a Qaid-e-Azam, teri azmat ko salam, tera Parcham hai tabinda, tera pecham hai zinda..." was a National Anthem of Pakistan before 1954 which was also written by Naeem Hashmi and sung by Saghar Siddiqi. Reportedly, Naeem Hashmi produced the first ever Stage play "Shadi" in Odeon cinema Lahore in 1948. His acting was depiction of natural and real character of the story. He has immense talent to portray the characters as he became an embodiment to the real world. His exposition of characters, has multi-dimensional pursuit, as happened in Shakespearean drama. He is a wonderful critic of the age, a representative of the wretched class of the society , even if he performed a role of a villain. His nationalistic approach is hardly found in any actor of sub-continent , which personified his talent and passionate love for revivalism of Islamic glory. His Love of Holy Prophet (PBUH), is an example for whole nation, which showed unprecedented Submissive Love for the best Creation (PBUH) of the universe.

Naeem Hashmi had the privilege to work with giants of the biggest film industry in the world, the Indian film industry, well before Partition. He started his long journey in the film industry from Calcutta before creation of Pakistan. Chandani Chowk was his first movie which was produced by none other than the iconic Indian film producer BR Chopra and directed by Tahkur Himat Singh.

Hashmi s female lead artist was Erica, who was later introduced with the name of Rukhshi in Pakistan after Partition. She is still alive. His famous quotation “THERE IS ALWAYS POISON ON THE LIPS OF ART” , reminds the sacrifice of famous philosopher Socrates. Naeem Hashmi played role of Principal protagonist in at least seven PTV dramas, those included; drams of Nusrat Thaker, Munno Bhai and Yawar Hayat.

After creation of Pakistan, Naeem Hashmi made Inqalab-e-Kashmir in 1948, which was confiscated due to government s policies. It was the Inqalab-e-Kashmir for which Naeem Hashmi, Fida Shahjehanpuri and Sagar Siddique collectively wrote an anthem which was broadcasted as the national anthem till 1954. Naeem Hashmi appeared in 74 films, 37 Urdu and 37 Punjabi. He played the title role in Babul. Other famous films were Khatoon, Noor-e-Islam, Azma-e-Islam, Shama, Ayaz, Sher Jawan and Banarsi Thagg. He died on April 27, 1976.

THE 35th death anniversary of Naeem Hashmi, a versatile persnailty of Pakistani film industry and writer of most famous Naat Shah-e-Madina and co-writer of the first national anthem, will be observed on April 27. Khawer Naeem Hashmi, is son of legend Naeem Hashmi, who is a symbol of courage and struggle against dictatorship and a rising star of journalism, presently serving as Bureau Chief of GEO TV, Lahore.

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