Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shia Target Killings- Is Solidarity of Pakistan Endangered- By Iftikhar Chaudri

The whole nation strongly condemned the  killings of  seven innocent Shia Muslims in two separate sectarian attacks by unidentified gunmen in Quetta, on 1st Sep 2012.. Journalists for International Peace also strongly criticized the barbaric act by anti-state elements who want to shatter the religious harmony and attempt to crate sectarian clashes .

The target killings of Shias , personifies, the complete failure of Pakistan's intelligence and Security agencies, besides shameful role of FC and police. Not even a single target killer of Hazara and Shia community has ever been nabbed by agencies, rather these agencies are allegedly held responsible for increasing " Missing Persons'  in the province . As a defense and strategic analyst, I have strong belief that foreign elements have penetrated into the folds and tiers of local disgruntled elements; that too the complete failure of State institutions; are being patronized by foreign hostile agencies... Our counter intelligence efforts are totally failed.. We didn't identify the agent handlers in Pakistan, so far..

 What is the duty of intelligence and law enforcing agencies???? They are being fed by the taxes of the people of Pakistan and they demonstrated worst performance in the recent days. We have top security brains, we have top strategists, we have brave sons of the soil who are sacrificing their lives for their homeland, then where lies the flaw and loopholes??? The most impotent Chief Minister Aslam Raisani  mostly stays in Islamabad - he has apparently no interest in the provincial matters of law and order...

The phenomenon of target killing of Shia community is not just confined to Balochistan, the buses and coaches are being stopped , mostly in Northern Areas and killers take out the people , get identification through the NIDs and through Kalima Recitations. We failed to identify those so-called religious institutions where this kind of fanatic breed is being prepared and under-nourishment. The role of religious leaders is so pathetic in this regard. Just few terrorists can destroy Pakistan’s top security circles , which even 1965 and 1971 wars didn’t witness. Instaed of considering all the Balochis as anti-state elements , our energies must be focused to nab the agent-handlers and breaking the networks of foreign trained terrorists and their masters, in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, media is receiving ' statements of Tehreek-e Taaliban and those statements are being published and telecasted. But we have miserably failed to locate and identify the  culprits, who issues press releases.. Earlier similar press releases are sent , allegedly by Osama Bin Laden and Aemin uz Zawahiri from unknown places? Our agencies could able to locate their ' unknown places'.   

Pakistan's so-called parliament has approved laws in hours which may suit to all the parliamentarians, rejecting Agriculture Tax,  approve third term for a PM, Head of the party can play havoc with the careers of political fellows,  who wont able to dance to their tunes... But nobody thinks to legislate the anti-terrorist laws in accordance with present wave of ' terror' , a war which is being waged in Pakistan to appease some other country or countries, for certain vested interests. The subject draft bill is playing now a ping pong  game within the parliamentary committee and the other stake holders.

Security  and Law Enforcing Agencies believe , as it is demonstrated in recent weeks , also pointed out by Chief Justice of Pakistan , in SC Registered Quetta, the use force, which proved to be counter- productive. Pakistan's intelligence agencies have to work alot to strengthen their legal department to make robust the gathering of valuable ' evidences' , which may fulfill all the legal requirements for severe punishments to terrorists . It is the institutional weakness of the security and law enforcing agencies that they keep the suspects in ' cells' for months and even failed to gather valuable ' evidences'. To just blame Supreme Court and lower courts for releasing the culprits is not justifiable in the present circumstances. as the Courts require bonafide evidence and witnesses as far as the present law of the land is concerned. 

The recent years also exposed the lack of intelligence ‘ Sources’ or less cultivation of “ valuable sources’ to get intelligence leads or access to the hostile elements. The security paradigm is drastically in the modern warfare, no doubt security agencies are well aware of the   rapid changes in gathering modern intelligence information system. Pakistan agencies needs to utlise their expertise in the field of practical technical surveillance system, which is totally  exposed in the OBL Case. The Mehran Base, GHQ Attack, Attacks on ISI offices, attack on Commando unit at Tarbela and so on, concluded with the analysis that some insiders might have assisted the terrorists, which shows that there is dire need to adopt nationalistic policies, not to succumb to the wishes of ‘foreign masters’ .   

Almost whole Balochistan Assembly is in Ministerial fold, then, why the people at the helm of all affairs failed to perform?? Despite all the reservations, We appeal to president Asif ali Zardari, PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, COAS General Kiyani , DG ISI Lt Gen Zaheer ul Islam-, DG MI and DG FC Balochistan- to undertake measures to identify the culprits and bring in front of Nation- Otherwise, God forbid, whole Pakistan will be put on fire of the sectarian clashes, which is  the principal motive of the hostile agencies and even those enemies who meet us in the garb of true friends. 

The very existence of Pakistan will be at stake , God forbid,  if civil and military brains don’t sit together, with equal national spirit to eradicate the wave of sectarian  terrorism and target- killings.

The writer is Defense and International Relations’ Analyst, President of Journalists for International Peace.


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